Tru Hero Finalist: Johnny and Dr. Butan

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I want to personally take the time to let you know how much your company has done for my family and our puppy (johnny) and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.

A month ago, my family got a new 5 month old puppy named Johhny. We went for our initial vet check at my current VET Dr. Butan’s office in Lake Worth FL. I was then offered a 30 day Trial of Trupanion. I was reluctant to sign up and kept saying I don’t need it, I don’t need it. We had never had a serious accident happen in our home. Dr.Butan’s Office Manager Sheena Real, insisted I try Trupanion, and signed me up.She said, accidents happen, and you never know when, so why not be covered for 30 days? Well thank goodness she did! 1 week into having the insurance we had a serious accident, whats the odds?

On a dark stormy Saturday night when all vets are closed and a full moon of course, Johhny was playing with his brother and sadly fractured his back knee in two complicated places. We found an emergency vet hospital and after x-rays and heavy pain meds we were told, an orthopedic surgeon was our only hope. Once we met with the Orthopedic Surgeon, it was evident surgery was our only course of hope for our puppy to walk again, he would need 5 pins in his leg as the bones were shattered and broken off. Since we have never had this happen, I had no idea how much this costs, and if we could even afford to do this. We started getting the worse case scenarios and knew it would be at least $2,000-4,000 dollars we didn’t have. We immediately thought how could we afford this, this is a crucial decision and it needs to be made within a few hours.

Then it clicked, ” I have pet insurance.” I texted Sheena Real at almost 11pm at night to confirm and immediately felt relieved. With Trupanion I could now afford to give Johhny a second chance to be able to walk again. They pay 90% of your vet bills and you cover 10%., that is amazing. Trupanion is a Life saver literally and we are so thankful for our Vet Dr. Butan and his office Manager Sheena Real for telling us about this great Pet Insurance Company.

Trupanion processed our claim within 24 hours and approved our claim in 48 hours. I don’t know any insurance companies who operate that quickly and efficiently were very impressed.

Johhny is recovering well, and will be able to walk again in less than 6 weeks thanks to you!

Thank you Trupanion from the bottom of our hearts for giving our puppy johnny a second chance at a fun filled normal life, a life all dogs deserve.

The Courseys from Lake Worth, FL